We do have credit card facilities on this website or via Payfast.co.za. We also accept payment via cashiers checques which can be mailed or couriered to us and also telegraphic bank transfers as these payments are the most secure and reliable method of forwarding funds internationally. Our payment details will be supplied with all new orders.

This can be arranged, requests for photos must be received in the early stages of the order, keeping in mind that all photographs are taken by one of our staff members and may therefore not have all the sharpness and other professional ingredients. Please also note that we do not take photos of trophies after they have been packed.

African San Taxidermy Studio has its own woodwork department where all shields, pedestals, tables, bases, ottomans and customised wooden products are made. Only solid indigenous wood is used. Our standard wooden bases are included in the mounting price. Custom or special wooden bases will be quoted individually.

The ideal conditions will be a fairly consistent level of temperature where humidity is not too high. Too much sunlight tends to bleach the color from the mounts after several years, so artificial light is best.

Once a year trophies can be lightly dusted with a soft brush or preferably the dust blown off with compressed air, which will also “ruffle up” the hair on the mounts. The horns can be oiled VERY LIGHTLY with any fine furniture oil, every couple of years.

Trophies mounted by African San Taxidermy Studio are insect-proofed in the taxidermy process, but it is suggested that at least once a year when the trophies are cleaned, that the environment around the trophies be sprayed with a normal household aerosol surface insecticide, not directly on the mount.

If the humidity is very high, it is best to keep the room well ventilated (windows open often) to allow a breeze or air flow through the room. Ceiling fans can also accomplish this air movement. If the trophies are kept in a sealed room, the damp can be detrimental to the mounts.

If the humidity is EXCESSIVELY HIGH, because the skins contain salt and tannage residue, some beads of moisture may occur on the HAIR. We suggest that this just be patted off with an absorbent tissue paper if it occurs, and if done occasionally the problem will stop as the salts will be removed with the moisture.